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The Upper Greenwood Lake Property Owners Association (UGLPOA) is a non profit created for the purpose of beautifying the lake community. The main goal for the UGLPOA with their new site was to be able to easily update the lake community of important information. While the site needed to be an instrument of disseminating information, it also needed to be …

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After tiring of the usual debate on capital hill, NationYes is born!  NationYes is a collective SuperPAC created to advance centrist government politics, and supporting those candidates that share in the NationYes mission statement.  We were asked to create a look and feel for the organization, and an introductory site to collect donations.  We went a step further by adding …

Salsaritas Golden Chip

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When The Horseheads branch of Salasaritas needed a boost in sales after a weak quarter they brought in GorillaAd to create a positive campaign.  Togather we came up with the “Golden Chip” campaign.  We increased sales and created location awareness.  Five people with a golden chip won a free meal once a week for the entire year.  Here is some …

Mindbender Video

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We were asked to create a very short intro video to brand web and live content with the Mindbender Entertainment brand.  It needed to be flashy, and vibrant with the feel of the New York City urban entertainment group. Below are some of the runner up concepts we worked on in the process.

Foundation Design Group

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We helped create this modern infographic detailing how schools purchase from vendors and approach design of the classrooms.  We help show how these changes affect children’s behavior and learning productivity. We also help maintain and make changes as needed on the FDG website.


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We built a completely custom CRM, CMS for  The goal of Sarahomestay is to provide students a safe way to travel and stay with trusted homestay partners.  Sarahomestay is like airbnb for students who are either too young to travel alone, or want to stay with local company to enhance their traveling and studying experience.  Sarahomestay offers lunches, dinners, …

CFS Group Website

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The CFS General Agency as rebranded as a The CFS Group (DBA) and created a professional, and modern design.  We started by interviewing the stakeholder and understanding the company’s strategic vision.  We created a highly SEO optimized LAMP site.  We integrated the site with enterprise SalesForce Edition.  We have added site calendar integrations and financial indicators to help their users …


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When EcoCompass, Inc. needed to get their message across we ere there.  We took care of the entire video process from story boarding to rendering.  On the right you can see the video as seen on as well as a glimpse of the process.  We used a full staff of audio, creatives, and video production staff to create a …

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GorillaAd Agency Web uses interactive highly visual ecommerce integration.  We have integrated a very branded field journal (Tumblr site). and created a very organic platform.  Using PHP, Jquery, MySQL, Apache, and strict HTML compliance, we were able to have BushSmarts have over 200,000 pageviews in the first month of operations.  The site also uses state of the art SEO tactics to attract …


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FindHHA is a social platform designed to bring together HHA’s, PCA’s, CNA’s and RN’s with the agencies that need their services Agency members pay a premium monthly fee in order to have access to an ever growing number of home health providers.  The site is built using PHP, MySQL, JS, WordPress.  Since members get different rates for different length of …