Salsaritas Golden Chip

GorillaAd Agency Print

When The Horseheads branch of Salasaritas needed a boost in sales after a weak quarter they brought in GorillaAd to create a positive campaign.  Togather we came up with the “Golden Chip” campaign.  We increased sales and created location awareness.  Five people with a golden chip won a free meal once a week for the entire year.  Here is some …

Foundation Design Group

GorillaAd Agency Print, Web

We helped create this modern infographic detailing how schools purchase from vendors and approach design of the classrooms.  We help show how these changes affect children’s behavior and learning productivity. We also help maintain and make changes as needed on the FDG website.

Hollywood Liberty Hotel collateral piece

Hollywood Liberty Hotel

GorillaAd Agency Print

We created several print pieces that reside in each room.  As a luxary element Hollywood Liberty Hotel has provided people with beauty products.  GorillaAd Agency created a collateral display housing these body and face creams that are imported from the Dead Sea.  This campaign and other new recommendations turned the hotels general occupancy rate from 34% to 88% within 3 …