Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our Internet marketing team is dedicated to helping clients reach the highest search ranking possible.  We go beyond the checklist of well known procedures.  SEO is about a holistic approach, thats why we use experience and intuition to achieve better results.

As more information becomes available about popular search engine optimization methods of ranking sites (organically).  We study the latest developments about these complex algorithms to deliver a better search result, without the use of [black-hat] tactics which can tarnish a companies reputation.  Our digital marketing team will create reports showing progress made and recommend changes.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a part of the fabric of all sites, pages, and applications we develop, but going from good to great is an art and a science.  GorillaAd Agency can help guide you through the complexity.  We work to constantly improve your rankings on search engines.

We are dedicated to capturing as much of the tail as possible, since this is responsible for 70% of all searches queries.  Since our general approach to keyword research is driven by result based deliverables, we spend most of our time and energy with body (or chunky middle) and long tail keywords.

We can also learn a lot about our clients competitors while we research SEO, this gives us an upper hand in better optimizing taxonomy, page content, and in page SEO.

Quick Tip:

SEO Periodic Table of Elements.



  • Clients Needs
  • Target Audience
  • Long Term Vision



  • Priorities
  • Use Cases / Personas
  • Content Strategy



  • User Experience
  • Templates
  • Creative Brand Elements



  • Program code
  • Refine User Experience
  • Optimize / Minify



  • Extract Data
  • Correlate Data With Behavior
  • Create Detailed Reports



  • Analytics Reports
  • Potential Optimization
  • Adjustments / Fixes