Search Engine Marketing

If you are in a competitive market, the only way to achieve desired success is by paying for your keywords on search and display networks.  Keywords can drive traffic to a specific micropage or the homepage depending on the campaign.

GorillaAd search engine marketing team can recommend the right keywords based on ROI calculations and competitive review.  Getting across the correct mix of spend for each engine can be daunting and hard to analyze.  We make search engine marketing easy by providing you with consistent updates regarding the trajectory and results of specific campaigns, which gives our clients the ability to make better business decisions, and gauge cost factors for large campaigns.

PPC advisory can be a stand alone service, or as  a part of a comprehensive web package retainer.

Our Technology

  • Site Development

  • Digital Media

  • Social Computing

  • Product Development

  • Microsites, Landing Pages, Corporate Sites, Brand Sites, Rich Internet Apps, Development & Maintenance, Section 508 Compliance

  • Rich Media, Standard Media, Development, Production

  • Forums, Blogs, Wikis, Galleries, Widgets/Gadgets, Moderation Filters, Content Submission Engines, Tag Clouds

  • Site Programming, Business Logic Layer, Database Access, Platform Integration, Custom Development

  • Adobe Flash, AJAX, MS AJAX.NET, Adobe Flash Animation, CGI, MS Silverlight, Adobe Flex, Avid, XSL/XSLT, Adobe AfterEffects, HTML, XML, Abobe AIR, Autodesk Maya, CSS, Adobe Flash Communication Server, Custom Flash Players, JavaScript, Adobe ColdFusion, Ruby in Rails, PHP

  • RAdobe Flash ActionScript 2.0, JavaScript, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash Animation, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe AfterEffects, Apple Quicktime Pro, Motif

  • Joost, WordPress, MediaWiki, MS Office Sharepoint Server, Facebook Apps, Google Gadgets

  • ,NET, Java, JSP, Perl, MS Office Sharepoint Server, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Web Services, Oracle

Quick Tip:

The most important thing to do when first starting an SEM campaign is to set specific and realistic goals, which are supported by the budget.



  • Clients Needs
  • Target Audience
  • Long Term Vision



  • Priorities
  • Use Cases / Personas
  • Content Strategy



  • User Experience
  • Templates
  • Creative Brand Elements



  • Program code
  • Refine User Experience
  • Optimize / Minify



  • Extract Data
  • Correlate Data With Behavior
  • Create Detailed Reports



  • Analytics Reports
  • Potential Optimization
  • Adjustments / Fixes