How does the name GorillaAd inspire us?

We established our business because we were frustrated with the current trend. In the world of advertising only a couple of people make all the decisions. If those decisions do not show an ROI, a different highly paid executive replaces them. We want to put a stop to that. We believe that advertising should be fun and creative and for everyone. That’s how Gorilla Ad came about. We modeled an animal both fun, and larger then life. Soon after we started drawing conclusion about how humans and brands share many of the same characteristics (as gorilla’s)… “Brand Evolution” was born! This is how we like for your brands to be viewed. We are continuously working with our clients to convert every dollar they spend on marketing to be worth it. As we continue to output amazing brands, we are sure that many more will realize the immense value brand evolution can provide.

What’s so special about Gorilla’s anyway?

Here are a few simple facts about primates that inspired us to choose our name:

I     Laughter: Why should the ad be funny? Simple. Scientists have done much research on the topic of how laughter allows for humans to interact with each other. The findings have shown that humans who laugh more often are healthier in almost every way. Laughter is a personal emotion found not only in humans but in other Primates as well, one that we make a choice to conceal or share with the world. Understanding and harnessing that emotion and energy is a blueprint to developing a relationship of a lifetime with your consumer.

II    Uniqueness/originality: Gorillas are the only animals (other then humans) that have a fingerprint. With that in mind we always explore what kind of fingerprint our brand will leave on the public and the earth. I have coined it as the “fingerprint vs. footprint theory”. This is the hardest characteristic to measure or produce. It does not come from software or a high paid executive. It comes from interested people with big dreams.

III   Size: When we say we look at the size of the ad, we do not mean its physical dimensions, rather its impact on the people who see it. We strive to make sure that just like a gorilla, your brand is larger then life.

IV   Intelligence: Gorillas are extremely intelligent creatures.  We strongly believe that our clients share a well-educated audience. That is why we strive to make our ads intellectually appealing. It is only appropriate that if our clients’ ad intrigues their audience, they will spend time thinking about that brand, in turn resonating in their market’s minds for longer with better quality results.

V   Use of tools (resources): In prehistoric days, humans and gorillas have used tools to survive. Humans used flint to start fire, and tied sharp stones to sticks to create weapons. Likewise gorilla’s use sticks to measure the depth of a body of water before entering. We now have more resources then we often know what to do with. Our ability to maximize efficiency of those tools is whats sets us aside from other marketing agencies. That is why we feel stalwartly about using the data we can find in the market to obtain our final product or recommendation.

The use of resources has become even more a topic of curiosity since the wide spread availability of Internet around the world. Global communications is now allowing us to not only reach and offer brands to consumers, but also to take qualitative survey of the way people use that brand, thus allowing us to have a two way conversation rather then the unipolar approach of the last century.