The Golden Share Podcast – Episode 5 (Holiday Edition)

On this special holiday edition of the Golden Share. Todd Fox, one of my good friends going back all the way to university stopped in for chat about his real estate company (Modern Living Rentals). As always we had a really informative discussion regarding the state of real estate in Ithaca and abroad. We went a little long on time this episode so we didn’t have to cut the good parts!

The Golden Share Podcast 4

There has been a fierce debate happening in the health industry about the negative effects of electronic cigarettes. To date there has been no definitive answer. What you usually hear from healthcare providers is something similar to “its not good for you, but much better then traditional smoking”. This month we had an old friend of mine Jesse Gaddis, who broke out in the e-cigarette business stop in for a talk about all of this, and his company (Bedford Slims).

The Golden Share Podcast 3

We had Patrick Cahill chat with us about his company (Beep!). We talked about his experience as an entrepreneur, and how his company is changing the landscape in the call center world.

The Golden Share Podcast – Episode 2

Alicia Valdes – Bright Solar Systems
We had Alicia Valdes stop in for a chat to talk about her company (Bright Solar Systems). We spoke about the state of solar in Florida, and the United States in general, and her experience of getting her company off the ground.