We at GorillaAd Agency have listened to many prospective clients.  Our research has overwhelmingly shown that companies of all types have one concern in common.  Most clients feel that they constantly overpay for marketing services because of the discovery phase.  All marketing agencies spend time on discovery (including us).  Lets be honest, discovery is critical to being able to perform marketing / advertising competently.  Most clients understand and respect this process, as it helps better understand the business environment and general landscape of the industry.

Why do clients leave?  Most companies switch agencies for three main reasons.

What is an agency to do when they like the ideas presented by an agency, but feel burned by having to pay [for yet] another agency to learn their industry?  Even if a previous agency did a great job of documenting their discovery process, it still takes a new agency quite a while (several months) to review and acclimate them selves to their new strategic partner.

Our new policy addresses this exact issue!

We feel that clients should not be burdened by these discovery costs every time they switch an agency.  It should be noted that turnover in the advertising industry is extremely high.  By some accounts a lifespan with an agency lasts only 2 years, with CMO’s lasting even less (23 months).  GorillaAd [moving forward] will provide free discovery process.  There are however two simple condition.

  1. Client must sign an agency of record agreement, or two year MSA (Master Services Agreement).
  2. Client must meet a minimum budget requirement.

Why do we have these two conditions?

Simply put, discovery phase is no easy task.  Countless hours, days, and weeks go into learning your business and that of your competitors.  We want to make sure that this time and money does not become a waste.

If you feel that your company has been unfairly penalized for switching marketing firms, give us a try by requesting a proposal from our team or send us your questions and thoughts to