Hollywood Liberty Hotel collateral piece

Hollywood Liberty Hotel

GorillaAd Agency Print

We created several print pieces that reside in each room.  As a luxary element Hollywood Liberty Hotel has provided people with beauty products.  GorillaAd Agency created a collateral display housing these body and face creams that are imported from the Dead Sea.  This campaign and other new recommendations turned the hotels general occupancy rate from 34% to 88% within 3 …

Mindbender Site

GorillaAd Agency Web

The mindbenderent.com experience focuses on a rich blogging experience.  Additional lead generation was added for scripts, and headshots.  Built on PHP, Mind Bender is quickly becoming a great resource for independent urban artists to introduce them selves and even maybe get a career. The mindbender site was created to allow for crowd-sourcing funds for new projects.   Each profile was connected …