Wireless Charging is Finally Here!!!

Ok, so in the 1990’s cellphone charging was the worst.  Each phone, with a unique charger.  Late 90’s and early 2000 comes along and delivers us the modern age of charging standards (usb 2.0), and of course apple has to create some weird dohickie or another to separate them selves (as they always do).  In the early 200’s we decided the medieval looking usb 2.0 was not as good, and redeveloped it into microUSB 2.0 and in a mobile phone consortium decided to make that the standard moving forward.  Later in the decade we discovered the Mecca of charging a phone (wireless).  Except it was expensive and in efficient and to some degree still is.

Flash forward to TODAY…

Cool Tech Products

Google Wirelss Charging Orb

Google announces a $60 Charging Orb [accessory] to go along with their Nexus 4.

What we can absolutely say is that this is the wave of the future for charging.  It will not be long until each phone is sold with a small charging station like this.  Or even better yet have a few sensors in a room and allow for a environmental charge.  This I hope is not too far away as well.  It will be interesting to see how Apple will respond to its only remaining market advantage (innovation of accessories to already expensive products).  Eventually it will use the power of a solar module rather then the AC unit, but thats a different issue anyway.

My question is when you see the picture above can you ever go back to scrambling for a wire?

I look forward to trying this lovely device.