Why water matters

It is difficult to watch a video like this with out feeling a bit of humility.  We take water for granted in the developed world.  We don’t shut off the sink while brushing our teeth, we spill and waste literally tons of gallons of fresh clean water.  Ecocompass has seen the writing on the wall, and with the population reaching above 7 billion people on earth I hope this video can give us some insight into hat the rest of the world must do to have enough liquids just to survive.

For people like Matt Damon who get to see such horrific lifestyles and bring this message home, we honor him with the ultimate kudos, and respect.  It is because of unbelievable people like himself that allow for millions of additional lives being saved.
Water conservation is already quickly growing as the worlds next “big problem”.  We intend to carry any products we can find that will aid any person regardless of income level to providing their family with clean water.  If you know such companies or are one please sign up as a supplier on www.ecocompass.com.  In the mean time a special thanks to all the philanthropists that have helped the under developed world save lives by providing clean water and mosquito nets.