Top 3 Funniest Commercials in 2014

As part of our usual year end round up, we like to showcase and give credit to the good men and women creating these awesome commercials for us to laugh at.

1.  Its alway hard to choose the #1 slot, but this year made it somewhat easier.  Stephen Colbert lit it up this year with his Super Bowl ad for Wonderful Pistachios.   I swear, when i first saw this ad during the game , I almost soiled myself laughing.  What makes this ad so great and memorable is the simplicity of it.    The other interesting thing about this ad, is who the creators are.  This is the first time our number one ad came form an in-house agency called “The Fire House“.  They also put out a hilarious add-on clip with behind the scenes with Stephen Colbert (below). Kudos to this agency on a great job  handling all of Roll Global LLC business.

2. Our runner up entry comes from DraftFCB, who seem at this point as perennial contender for the top three funniest commercials. The Jello [pudding] “Rough Day” commercial might not be a laugh out loud type commercial like our first choice, but it is touching because we can all empathize with the dad in this commercial, and the child has a combover. It has all the makings of a funny commercial.

3. “Baby&Me” created by BETC, Paris is a really funny continuation of the “Water Babies” campaign started in 1998 and became a household name when they created the “Roller Babies” ad in 2008. What makes this ad so awesome aside from the cool remix of the Ini Kamoze’s “Here Comes the Hotstepper”, remixed by French DJ Yuksek, is the babies moves of course. It really is hard not to crack a smile watching these babies.