New Bulbs Create a Different Kind of Glare

A manufacturer is shinning (excuse the pun) a different kind of light at CES 2012. This new lightbulb a design from a California startup called Switch Lighting introduced by Tracy Bilbrough and Brett Sharenow. To say this lightbulb is unique would be an understatement. As most new bulb technology, this one uses LED diodes to emit the lumen, but the warmth and efficiency level of these new bulbs is indeed a radical transformation. Here are the on of pictures

The bulbs are surely going to shake up the currently 30 billion dollar market.  What really makes these bulbs special is the absence of mercury or other toxic gases that currently power the CFL bulbs.  The bulbs also last 7 times longer then CFL and are even more efficient.  When it comes to lighting we should take the words of Switch Lighting chief strategy officer Sharenow.

“LEDs are really the next thing in lighting.”

So to recap these bulbs are a better bang for your dollar anyway you look at it, and their good for the environment.  So why not dim the Incandescent bulbs and put these in!

Did e mention these screw into any regular light fixture and can be hung in any direction, oh yea and they are great for dimming.

Take a look at their site and check back on for the latest supply of these and other great efficiency products