Maduro Fails At Leadership, Becomes Comedian

Ok, so let me stress that very little about the current situation in Venezuela is funny these days.  This is an article about the one thing that possibly might be.

MaduroAs I mentioned in my opening salvo, Venezuela has become a land of violence and despair, which is why it is one of the stories I follow on Flipboard.  Yesterday I almost really fell of my chair laughing when reading a Guardian story about the countries poor imitation of a poor leader.  That of course is a reference of President Nicolas Maduro. Who’s economic competence borders on zero.

So whats so funny?

Well if you read on you will come to a line that says

“He also ordered restrictions on meetings between US diplomats and members of Venezuelan civil society and blacklisted former and current US politicians, including George Bush and Dick Cheney, from entering the country.”

This statement in its self shows part of the problem with Venezuela and more importantly its leadership (Maduro).  They are stuck in a 2005 mentality, where apparently Bush and Dick Chaney hold any kind of sway in modern elections.  It would have made more sense if it was Jeb Bush (his brother) who is a for real 2016 contender.  Additionally what reason(s) would either of the aforementioned characters have any interest in going to civilizations pit of hell.  I think Iraq might be a destination they would go before Venezuela.

I guess this is the kind of thing that happens when you are fighting an invisible imperialist boogie man from a decades past.

I do want to reiterate that there is nothing funny about a leader who abuses and jails his critics (see: Russia), and has brought down a country with one of the worlds largest oil reserves to the brink of collapse.  Even more sadly, they have instituted rationing scanners in supermarkets to deal with food shortages.  It is a last resort before full scale economic collapse.  Perhaps the only good is that this [economic collapse] will likely be necessary in order to remove the scourge that plagues the beautiful and peace loving people of Venezuela, whom deserve much better.