Google Glass Most Anticipated Gadget Since the Smartphone

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I cant lie Google Glass is the nerdiest invention in a long time as so perfectly modeled by Sergei Brin (above).  Its not hard to see the need, and its certainly the most efective way of being unencumbered while doing everyday tasks.  My concern for this product is that this might be the most dangerous thing for driving well since whiskey was invented. Regardless of the dangers I cant wait to take it out on the slopes. This article is not of the impending dangerous but rather the anticipation of whats to come thus far Google has kept a very tight lid on the product and has only recently released it to a  select few people.  My luck would have never given me te chance to win.  Plus I am pretty sure Google would like to see the like of fortune 500 CEO’s and rockstars wear the product rather then a marketing guy running a boutique agency.  With SXSW just around the corner I would imagine the product will make quite a splash.  The question remains is this a novelty item or can it genuinely redefine the way we use and interact with smartphones and with others. In the words of founder Sergei Brin:

“I as guilty as anyone else of repeatedly checking email and social media on his phone “as if it was something really important.” It was comparable to a smoking habit, he said. “I had a nervous tic. But with Google Glass, I’ve really enjoyed exploring the world more.”

 You can see his short talk on TED Talks Which we here at GorillaAd love love love.