What Was The Academy Thinking?

Oscars 2015

It is quite normal for people to be disappointed by the choices made for Oscar winners.  This years choices were borderline shameful in 3 key ways.



Best Picture – The fact that Birdman took home the prize was especially upsetting.  I realize that everyone has and is entitled to an opinion when it comes to art, but choosing Birdman over Boyhood is a major fail in my view.boyhood movie

The biggest reason I think Boyhood should have won the Oscar (2015) is simply due tot he longevity and originality of the project.  Long projects like this should be rewarded, so that more of them can be done.  It was a completely refreshing way to see like through the eyes of the same person.  In many we got to see the actor grow up on screen.  I thought the movie was amazing and well deserved the top spot.  To make matters worst, most people I spoke to hated Birdman (no offense to the creators).

Best Foreign Film – It will come as no surprise to our readers that I thought it should have gone to Leviathan,  I watched Ida, and as a Baltic State jew I could even immerse myself in the Ida story.  It still had nothing on Leviathan though.

Best Actor  This category had a glaring omission  when it failed to at least nominate Jake Gyllenhaal for his performance in Nightcrawler.  If he had replaced Michael Keaton no one would have shed a tear.  Really the same could be said for the best picture category.

To me it seems that the weirdness and great cast in Birdman clouded the judges decision on these and some other choices.