Bear Minimum

Lets be honest: fear of bears is quite normal, which is why we suggest that if you are a woodsman you visit  No, the site will not help you get over your healthy bear phobia (thats right i’m talking to you Stephen Colbert).  What it will do however is let you be ready!

What does being ready for bears mean?

Well we were not sure either, so we asked the experts how they evade and avoid these wonderful, and scary creatures and they showed us the products that ideally prevent bear encounters. and the.

You dont want to face a bear with out one

BushSmarts is a rare jewel of modern ecommerce;  They make hand manufactured products (in the United States).  I had a conversation with John Davidson, whom is a partner in the company about what inspired them to launch the brand.


“It all came down to truly engaging in an outdoor experience, instead of blindly crushing through miles on a map.”


They design and produced over 70 products to spark your inner wild.  I was marveled by how well thought-out these products are.  As a camper/ hiker some of these products are not only a must but a really great holiday gift for those whom are not easily pleased.

Look for these guys to make a splash in the outdoor equipment scene, especially for the real hardcore outdoorsmen.

***Disclaimer:  Using any bear protection products in the presence of a bear is an aid and a tool, it is not a “get out of jail free card”.  Be smart! Be BushSmart