Ads Turned Into Water

Its not often that we see truly awesome advertisments that have a green implication with it.  Generally speaking any roadside ads tend to be seen as an annoyance.  Some of them are cool and even 3d.  The cooler they are the worst of a footprint they have.  How about an advertisement that people will beg for.  Seriously!

UTEC and DraftFCB created an ad that can transform moist air into water.  Keep in mind that they did this in a place that gets 0.51 inches of rain per year (desert).

green water conversion Ad

But you gotta give credit on this one really to the university that is finding good partners to achieve their goals. We have to give props to Draft and UTEC (both) on this one!

So if you live in a dry area and this could work, wouldn’t you be begging for one of these?  It would be cynical and unkind, but true to say that if this is a viable model, corporations in America and abroad will finally take interest in the continent of South America and maybe even Africa.

It is amazing to see that marketers are finding innovative ways of “doing good” while marketing.  I believe this has Bill Gates written all over it!