A Stark Difference This Novemeber

As we inch closer to the date of the election, we are reminded that we will go into the booth with many concerns, beliefs, and reasons to vote one way or another. While this decision is highly personal, it is based on many factors that affect our lives. Our cause is to discover the differences and point them out to the community in hopes a decision will be made by a well informed electorate.

Today our topic is energy! Looking at the differences on policy when it comes to energy is offen a “needle in a haystack” task which boils down to examination of the most detailed part of the policy. In this case by virtue of the highly polarized electorate, these divisions in policy have never been more clear. Today the Romney campaign gave us a picture truly worth a thousand words (see below).

There is something very telling about the nature of the workers that Mitt Romney believes we should attract for the future of our energy policy. While not to dismiss nor take away from the importance of heavy, and greasy jobs; they are not the future of our economy, no matter how much we wish and pray. Romney wants to allow states to decide what they should do with their public lands including drilling and fracking. There are many who agree.

The image (below) of Obama is probably not their favorite as they are standing at Solyndra the pin cushion often used to attack obama for poor investments. It is important to note that under President Obama time in office there has been a protectionist mission via the EPA to conserve and protect the environment. From the BP Spill, to conservation regulations, this administration has been a good friend to green by providing green (money).


What makes this picture so unique while still showing a bit of a black eye is the dress, demeanor, and type of worker that Mr. Obama believes will drive the future.

As an environmentalist, a conservationist and a strong believer of renewable energy my voting decision (if i voted only based on this decision) is CLEAR. If you believe the first picture is our future, the candidate has gracefully taken a photo-op as to make it easier for us to better understand his vision. While we all know the fate of Solyndra, that does not disqualify the vision.

I urge every voter to put aside the talking points like “Solyndra failed so we shouldn’t invest in solar anymore” or that several companies failed while Romney was at Bain. This is merely a smoke screen so that you can not see the stark difference on future (energy) policy.

In November you get a choice between the two pictures you see above, and respectively their visions