Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a critical piece of a complete marketing approach. Keeping your contacts up to date can mean the difference between reaching your annual quota, or not.

We are often asked, doesn’t email marketing mean it is “junk mail”?

Our philosophy is drawn from a different perspective.  If a company create compelling, timely email blasts, it will be rewarded with a user base that will wait for those email, rather then be repulsed by them.

This is at the heart of a great email marketing campaign.  GorillaAd has experience with designing and optimizing emails that can inspire and remind the viewers of the message.

We can analyze your site goals and metrics and create special cadence routines to maximize your traffic.

For more information about email marketing and other Internet marketing campaigns please request a proposal.

Our Technology

  • Site Development

  • Digital Media

  • Social Computing

  • Product Development

  • Microsites, Landing Pages, Corporate Sites, Brand Sites, Rich Internet Apps, Development & Maintenance, Section 508 Compliance

  • Rich Media, Standard Media, Development, Production

  • Forums, Blogs, Wikis, Galleries, Widgets/Gadgets, Moderation Filters, Content Submission Engines, Tag Clouds

  • Site Programming, Business Logic Layer, Database Access, Platform Integration, Custom Development

  • Adobe Flash, AJAX, MS AJAX.NET, Adobe Flash Animation, CGI, MS Silverlight, Adobe Flex, Avid, XSL/XSLT, Adobe AfterEffects, HTML, XML, Abobe AIR, Autodesk Maya, CSS, Adobe Flash Communication Server, Custom Flash Players, JavaScript, Adobe ColdFusion, Ruby in Rails, PHP

  • RAdobe Flash ActionScript 2.0, JavaScript, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash Animation, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe AfterEffects, Apple Quicktime Pro, Motif

  • Joost, WordPress, MediaWiki, MS Office Sharepoint Server, Facebook Apps, Google Gadgets

  • ,NET, Java, JSP, Perl, MS Office Sharepoint Server, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Web Services, Oracle

Quick Tip:

A great way to make sure that your contacts are always updated with new content is by automating the process.



  • Clients Needs
  • Target Audience
  • Long Term Vision



  • Priorities
  • Use Cases / Personas
  • Content Strategy



  • User Experience
  • Templates
  • Creative Brand Elements



  • Program code
  • Refine User Experience
  • Optimize / Minify



  • Extract Data
  • Correlate Data With Behavior
  • Create Detailed Reports



  • Analytics Reports
  • Potential Optimization
  • Adjustments / Fixes